Terms, Conditions, and Legal Mumbo Jumbo

TERMS AND POLICIES, AND BORING STUFF: All Chrome Plating & Powder Coating is under warranty for l year from date of purchase, with replacement or in house credit. A proof of purchase must be supplied, or confirmed for any warranty or repair work. Any items that were purchased as a 3rd party sale is void of warranty coverage and not eligible for return to BLACK HILLS BILLET, or its distributors, unless approved. All dings, scratches, nicks, etc. MUST be reported within one week of the day parts are received. This warranty only covers manufacturing or plating defects. Obvious signs of abuse or faulty installation will not be covered. (eg. Crash damage, tool marks, altering of parts, using parts for other than their intended function or bike model .... Such cases are not the fault of BLACK HILLS BILLET and are not covered by warranty). If you admit you goofed it up, we may have mercy on you and send you a new one at manufacturer or distributor cost. Storing the bike in extremely corrosive weather conditions will void the 1-year plating warranty, as such conditions can do extreme damage in a matter of a month or less (eg. Bikes left outside in the rain for extended periods of time .... Corrosive damage from salty air conditions near coastal areas, misuse of corrosive agents near the bike and so on.) This will be left to the discretion of BLACK HILLS BILLET warranty & claims department. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. If you call and say, I changed my mind, after it's shipped, it's at least 20%.

Please contact us by phone, or e-mail if you have any questions. We always want to help our customers whenever possible. Sorry we had to bore you with this. Also a big thanks to Marq Powder Coating, Radiantz Led Lighting, Badlands Motorcycle Products, Lazer Star & Chris Products.


Jameson Smith
(775) 359-4446

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