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The Black Hills Billet team would like to thank our Customers, Bike Shops and Distributors, for allowing us to make a living by doing what we enjoy the most .. . riding motorcycles, building motorcycle parts, and working in the Motorcycle Industry. We have a long history in the Motorcycle Industry along with serving our customers since 1990.

1990 - Rick Eckhardt and his partner Bob got their start when they opened a bike shop, Reno Custom Cycles. Over the next 4 years they installed a wide variety of custom parts. Even though most of the custom parts were cool, some fit, some they made fit (with a file, grinder, hack saw and drill), and most of the parts we ordered, did not fit nor work at all, per the manufacturers claim.

1994 -Bob and Rick came up with few ideas that were lacking in the motorcycle aftermarket, which at that time consisted of only 30 to 35 manufacturers. They also took in a 3rd partner, Dave, who started a local leather business in their shop. Dave and Rick worked on the Load Equalizer which they submitted with five or six other products to Drag Specialties, with the help of Tom Motzko. Also their parts went to Arlen & Cory Ness, and to Bret and Vicki at Custom Chrome. These products became Badlands Motorcycle Products, and from that moment on, it has been the company's goal to build quality products that fit like they are supposed to, work the way they are supposed to, and that you never have to use a file or grinder, to make our parts fit. Since that time, the company has strived to improve upon the design of our unique products and strive to have outstanding customer service.

2006 - Managing the bike shop along with the Badlands growth in business, became more and more difficult. Dan was interested in the Badlands business, coming from a technical background in engineering and manufacturing. Dan was immediately drawn to the nature of the business and purchased it. Rick and Bob agreed to split off the bike shop as a separate business, which Bob now runs as H-D Recyclers.

2007 -Another unique opportunity developed, after a long and fruitful association and friendship with Bob Lake with Maximum Products, Badlands was given the opportunity to purchase the products, assets, and intellectual property of Maximum Products, best known for the Digital Mirrors. Also the Run, Brake & Turn Module Bob created, and Rick did the marketing on to further applications for Plug & Play on most H-D models. Bob also combined our canceler functions with Run, Brake & Turn functions, known as the llluminator Pro Ill. This was a big deal and Maximum Products came to its new home in Sparks, NV.

2014 -Dan retired and announced the sale of Badlands Motorcycle Products electronic module assets to a good friend Jeff Zielinski at NAMZ Custom Cycle Products. Namz Custom Cycle Products is now the manufacturer of the Badlands Modules, and Jeff has graciously allowed us to keep the tradition alive by continuing to complement our lighting product line, with the best lighting modules in the world, still made in the United States of America.

March 2014 - Dan sold Badlands-legacy Billet Product Line, Digital Gauge Mirrors, and LED Lighting Products, to Bill and Donna, owners of the Nor-Nevada Victory, Indian & Polaris Dealership. The product line was rebranded to be Black Hills Billet - Motorcycle Parts. Rick, the original founding partner of Badlands, and creator of the majority of our billet products, led the company until 2017. Focused on new design projects for Harley's, and now that they were re-established, Victory's, Indian's & ORV's, the Black Hills Billet team stressed that ALL of its products always have been, and STILL ARE, Made in America, by Americans, here in the Wild-Wild West.

2016 -Black Hills Billet was purchased by Quality Plastics to be a sister company to Long Ride Shields, a top name in after-market motorcycle windshields. This merger breathed new life into the company offering better facilities, manufacturing processes and capabilities. In 2017, Jameson Smith was named Managing Director for Black Hills Billet and introduced the Crossroads Fairings to the product line-up.

The history of Black Hills Billet is coloful but, one factor has never left the company. Black Hills Billet offers the highest quality motorcycle accessories, made
in America. Built by bikers for bikers.

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